Cascade Medical Center



Cascade Medical is an exceptional rural healthcare facility. We are a team of compassionate and dedicated professionals who provide quality care, services and resources to our patients and their families.


In 2020, Cascade Medical will be the primary healthcare provider of choice for the citizens of the greater Leavenworth area. This will be accomplished through our exceptional and enduring commitment to earning each patient's trust-recognized locally and statewide-within our extraordinary healing environment.

Employees are expected to support and model the Shared Values of Cascade Medical:


  • Commitment-We demonstrate our pursuit of individual and organizational development by always going above and beyond to find the answer, discover the cause, and advocate the most appropriate course of action.
  • Community-We demonstrate our effectiveness and quality care in complete transparency with each other and in line with the broader values of our Medical Center.
  • Empowerment-We prove our promise to patients and our dedication to both organization and community through the manner in which we empower each other and carry out each action.
  • Integrity-We set a strong example of behavioral and ethical standards by demonstrating our accountability to patient needs and our devotion to performing alongside one another as we exhibit our high standards each and every day.
  • Quality-We demonstrate an exceptional and enduring commitment to excellence. We are devoted to processes and systems that align our actions to excellence, compassion and effectiveness on a daily basis.
  • Respect-We embrace equality on a daily basis through positive, personal interactions and recognize the unique value within each of our colleagues, patients and ourselves.
  • Transparency-We demonstrate complete openness by providing clear, timely and trusting information that shapes the health, safety, well-being and stability of each other and our community.


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